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The importance of training has become more apparent as vehicles and transmissions have become more complex and difficult to diagnose. Here at ATRA, your access to quality technical information and training is on the top of our list. We also know that access to information and training — when you need it — is vital to your success. For these reasons, ATRA is moving towards a Virtual Training platform accessible 24/7 and from a workstation, laptop or mobile device.

As we concentrate our efforts towards your training, we’ll be dissolving the webinar sessions after the April 3rd webinar. The ATRA webinars have been a huge success. But more importantly they’ve shown us how popular and timely virtual training is to this industry. Moving to this new platform was an obvious choice, and one that will serve the needs of the transmission rebuilding industry for years to come.

In the months ahead we’ll roll out bit of the new system as we develop new training modules. It’s an exciting venture and a better way of learning.

Webinar Schedule

  • A4CF2 Introduction Webinar

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    • Event Date: 26 Jun 2018
    • Time: 12:00 PM until 01:00 PM
    • Location: ,

    The A4CF2 introduction webinar is going to cover clutch and solenoid operation, servicing the transmission and transmission shift relearn. We will also go over the sensor operation and some testing …

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