Golden Rule Warranty - 3 year/50k miles

Golden Rule Warranty - 3 year/50k miles

ATRA provides the official Golden Rule Warranty forms to its members at no charge. Each order includes 100 printed warranties for the term selected.

Please Note: There is a $10.00 shipping fee for each item ordered. By adding a quantity of "1" to your order, you will receive 100 warranty forms. 100 is the maximum printed copies allowed per order to ensure current warranties are issued at all times. Please enter the quantity of 1 item for every 100 warranty forms ordered.

We will process your order and ship them to the address on your membership account record. Orders typically ship the same day when submitted prior to 12:00 NOON PST. Sometimes delays happen, but not usually for more than a week or two. THANK YOU!


Available only for ATRA Rebuilder Members that issue and honor the Golden Rule Warranty.

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