2023 LIVE Technical Seminar Schedule

As ATRA continues to navigate this Post-Pandemic world, we will be updating the way we move forward with scheduling our in-person technical seminars for 2023. Our mission this upcoming year is to be on as many trade and tech school campuses as possible. We understand the shortage of skilled tradespeople in this country and are doing what we can to engage our industry at it’s roots, while still providing quality education, training, and support for seasoned automatic transmission rebuilders. The seminar calendar will be updated with details as they become available. We appreciate your patience as we embark on this exciting journey together.

Please locate your event below by date or state/province, then click the link to view event details.


02/04/2023 NC - City TBA

02/11/2023 Pasadena, TX

02/18/2023 FL - City TBA / Glendale, AZ

03/04/2023 Boston, MA

03/11/2023 OR - City TBA

03/18/2023 UT - City TBA

03/25/2023 Cour D'Alene, ID

04/01/2023 Vancouver, Canada

04/15/2023 MO - City TBA / Denver, CO

04/22/2023 OK - City TBA

04/29/2023 Minneapolis, MN

05/06/2023 OH - City TBA

05/20/2023 Biloxi, MS / San Antonio, TX

06/03/2023 Northern CA - City TBA

08/05/2023 MT - City TBA

08/12/2023 IL - City TBA

08/19/2023 NM - City TBA

08/26/2023 Idaho Falls, ID / GA - City TBA

DATE TBA Dallas Area, TX

09/16/2023 Southern CA - City TBA

09/23/2023 Des Moines, IA

11/11/2023 Baltimore, MD

11/18/2023 Toronto, Canada

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