Golden Rule Warranty FAQs

There are many aspects to the ATRA Golden Rule Warranty Program and questions arise when members are beginning the process

The following warranty questions and answers have been generated to respond to the most commonly asked questions regarding the ATRA Golden Rule Warranty Program.

NOTE: No Rebuilder member shall state, advertise, imply or suggest that the Association is a warrantor for any transmission repair work or parts.

If you don't see your question here, please contact ATRA at (805) 604-2000 if you need further assistance.

Can I refund my customer their money?
While refunding the original purchase price of the initial repairs is an option for the original shop, it is not adviseable. Be sure to evaluate all options before offering a refund to your customer. If you need assistance, please don't hesitate to contact ATRA Membership Services at (805) 604-2000.
Is the warranty still valid if my membership expired or if my shop closes?
The ATRA Golden Rule Warranty is only valid if the original warrantor shop is a currently active ATRA Rebuilder Member. If the shop closes or doesn't renew their membership, the warranty is not going to be honored at another ATRA Rebuilder Member shop and worked performed under the terms of the warranty. The owner may still pay for the repairs of the vehicle at another shop to continue his/her good relations with his previous customer. If your shop is closing business operations, be sure to have something in place to honor the warranties that you issued with remaining terms.
How do I order Warranty Forms?
ATRA offers warranties in two formats: an electronic PDF format and a standard printed form. The warranties are provided FREE of charge as a part of your membership benefits. However shipping fees apply to the printed versions. Order Warranty Forms
I ran out of the warranty forms, how can I issue a warranty to my customer quickly?
Yes. ATRA offers warranties in an electronic PDF format for quick issue. Order PDF Warranty Forms online before 3:00 pm PST to receive the forms via email the same day.
When should I issue a Golden Rule Warranty?
You may only issue a Golden Rule Warranty at the time of initial repair and must include the customer's signature for validation.
Is the Golden Rule Warranty transferrable?
No. If the customer sells their vehicle to any other person the warranty is not transferable to the new owner. It is only valid to the person and vehicle specified on the front side of the warranty form.
Can I extend the terms of the Golden Rule Warranty?
There are three terms available through the Golden Rule Warranty program: one year, two years and three years. If you'd like to issue an extended warranty in addition to the three year warranty you may issue the local limited warranty, however it is not part of the Golden Rule Warranty program and is not honored nationwide. Download a local limited warranty from the downloads page for details.
How do I determine what to charge for labor and parts for a warranty repair?
  • LABOR RATE: Labor hours as established by Motor Transmission Parts and Time Guide "suggested operator shop time" multiplied by $60.00 per hour (US funds)
  • PARTS: All parts (including fluid) should be priced to the fellow member at repairer's actual cost multiplied by 1.25.
  • SALES: TAX: Sales tax should be charged in accordance with the rates and regulations in the state in which the repair is being performed.
Download the Estimator Worksheet to help with the process.
What do I do if there isn't a shop located near my customer?
Warranty repairs may only be performed by ATRA Rebuilder members. There are more than 1200 locations nationwide to choose from. However, occasionally there may not be a Rebuilder Member within 50 - 100 miles of the customer's location. in that case, the only option is to have the customer go to the closest location possible for the repairs.
What should I do if the other shop and I don't agree to the repairs being estimated?
If you are having trouble working with another ATRA Rebuilder Member, ATRA will assist with the process to ensure all parties are complying with the proper procedures and ultimately preventing any additional hassel for the customer. In addition, if there is a question about the technical aspect of the repairs, ATRA offers an option to send an inspector to prepare a detailed report with photographs of the vehicle as a means to determine the situation at hand.
How do I find an ATRA Rebuilder Member to help my customer that is broken down more than 50 miles away from my shop?
The most accurate listing of currently active ATRA Rebuilder members is listed online at: in our shop finder. The members listed online are updated every 20 minutes directly from our database and reflects an accurate member listing.
Can I issue a Golden Rule Warranty on a vehicle that has a modified engine or trucks primarily used for towing?
No. It is stated on the reverse side of the warranty form itself that these vehicles may not have a Golden Rule Warranty issued.
What is the best way to let my customers know about the ATRA Golden Rule Warranty options and terms?
Most customers have been doing research on the internet about ATRA and the Golden Rule Warranty and are familiar with the terms available. However, it is advisable to alert your customer of the different warranty terms and inform them of the warranty that you will include prior to performing their vehicle repairs. Especially if you are planning to use a remanufactured unit that doesn't allow a Golden Rule Warranty to be issued.
Can I refuse to perform repairs for a Golden Rule Warranty?
No. All ATRA Rebuilder members agree they will perform repairs for a customer that has been issued a valid Golden Rule Warranty. Any ATRA Rebuilder member that has been refusing to perform repairs for another ATRA Rebuilder member will be reported to the ATRA Golden Rule Warranty Committee for review of membership status.
Can I charge my customer for a warranty?
As the business owner, you may choose to include any of the three warranties with your rebuilt unit to your customer or you may elect to include a 12 month warranty and charge extra for a 2 or 3 year warranty. This is completely at the discretion of the business owner.
Is the Golden Rule Warranty void if my customer doesn't bring it back for a 15 day check?
No. The 15 day check is an extra step to encourage a customer to ensure the repairs are not failing. However, failure to have this recheck does not void the warranty.
Can I issue a Golden Rule Warranty on a standard transmission?
No. The Golden Rule Warranty may only be issued on automatic transmissions.
What should I charge for the parts used to repair a vehicle covered by a Golden Rule Warranty?
All parts purchased for the repair must be detailed on the Golden Rule Estimator Worksheet and charged the Golden Rule parts rate of 1.25% markup.
Can I charge a higher hourly rate for labor?
No. All repairs performed under the Golden Rule Warranty, must be performed at the hourly rate of $60.
How do I ensure payment from the original shop?
Before starting a repair a customer with a warranty, download the Golden Rule Estimator Worksheet. By receiving signed authorization from the original shop throughout the diagnosis and repair process on this worksheet ATRA will guarantee payment.
How do I start the repair process for another ATRA Member's customer?
Down the Golden Rule Warranty procedures from the downloads page and be sure to get a copy of the Golden Rule Estimator Worksheet as well. These step by step procedures will guide you through the process.
Will my customer be charged for repairs performed at another ATRA Member Shop?
You customer will not be charged for repairs performed under the terms of the Golden Rule Warranty.
Can I issue a Golden Rule Warranty on a transmission that I've rebuilt for another automotive repair business or dealership?
No. A Golden Rule Warranty can only be issued directly to the customer. If they are not your direct customer, you may not issue a Golden Rule Warranty.
Can I issue a Golden Rule Warranty on a remanufactured transmission?
No. Only transmissions that have been built by your shop may be issued a Golden Rule Warranty.

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