Membership FAQs

The following membership questions and answers have been generated to respond to the most commonly asked questions regarding the ATRA membership options, benefits and payment information.

If you don't see your question here, please contact ATRA at (805) 604-2000 if you need further assistance.

What are the different member types available?
ATRA offers four core member types: Rebuilder, Technical Subscriber, Supplier and International Online Subscriber. Also offered are Instructor and Student memberships.
How much does membership cost?
ATRA Membership cost for Rebuilder and Technical Subscriber member types averages $97 Monthly, offering three payment terms: Quarterly $291, Bi-Annually $582, and Annually (best value) $1,067.

ATRA Membership cost for International Online are $495 annually.

ATRA Membership cost for Primary Instructor are $1,067 annually and Additional Instructor are $100 annually.

ATRA Membership for Students who attend an Active School Member of ATRA are $FREE and Students who attend a Non-Affiliated Schools may suggest to their Instructor about the School joining ATRA to receive ATRA's $FREE Student Membership offer. Proof of enrollment required.

*All Membership costs subject to change at any time.
What is a Rebuilder Member?
The Rebuilder member is the heart of the association. Rebuilder Member shops are the only membership type that participates in the Golden Rule Warranty Program and are held to Minimum Rebuild Standards as a result. Rebuilder members are also permitted voting rights in association elections. All members including the Rebuilder Members adhere to the association Code of Ethics.
What is a Technical Subscriber?
The Technical Subscriber members receive the same benefits as the Rebuilder member with the exception of voting rights and participation in the Golden Rule Warranty. All members including the Technical Subscriber Members adhere to the association Code of Ethics.
What's the difference between a Rebuilder Member and a Technical Subscriber?
The most significant difference between the two different member types ATRA offers for shops is that Rebuilder Members are able to issue the Nationwide Golden Rule Warranty and also have voting rights in association elections. All of the other ATRA benefits including technical support benefits are the same for both member types.
What is the term of membership?
Membership with ATRA is annual from January through December. Renewals occur on the first of January.
What is included with my membership?
Different member types offer different benefits of ATRA Membership. Please check out our Chart of Benefits page for details.
If my shop rebuilds transmissions, once we become a member are we considered a Rebuilder Member?
Rebuilder is the term used for the main member type of ATRA members. Rebuilder members are expected to go through an approval process and will be honoring the Golden Rule Warranty at their location(s). A membership services representative can assist you with determining the best member type for your business after asking you a few questions.
Do I have to obtain a separate membership for each of my business locations?
Yes, each business requires it's own separate membership to receive access to member benefits. We offer group pricing for multiple locations. Contact Membership services for details.
Do you offer group pricing for multiple locations?
Yes. ATRA offers several affordable pricing options for multiple locations.
Can each location in our group pay for their own membership dues?
Yes. Each location has the opportunity to pay individually at the individual shop rate. The group rates don't apply and if any of the locations within the group make late payments, it will affect the membership status of all locations. We advise choosing one location to submit the payment for all locations to prevent disruption of service to the entire group.
How long do I have to wait before I can use my new membership benefits?
New accounts are typically approved within an hour of receiving your membership request. Approvals take place during ATRA business hours of 7:00 AM-3:30 PM PST. Rebuilder Members have access to all member benefits during their 30 day probationary period prior to issuing and processing ATRA Golden Rule Warranties.
Will my shop be listed in ATRA's shop finder?
Rebuilder and Technical Subcriber Shops are the only member types that are listed in the Shop Finder online and are displayed in the following order:
  • Rebuilder Members (with ATRA Certified personnel)
  • Rebuilder Members
  • Technical Subscribers
How can my shop become ATRA Certified?
ATRA Certification is only available to ATRA Members. Once you've become a member, sign up for the certification program and after completion, your shop will be displayed with the ATRA Certified logo at the top of the page in ATRA's online shop finder.
Does it cost extra to set-up my employees with their own access account?
No. Each employee in your shop may have their own account at no extra charge. This is beneficial to the employees as well as the owner. It encourages individual usage of the account while not making changes to the owners membership account settings.
Can I get access to the membership benefits without being a shop owner?
Yes. If the entire shop doesn't want to become a member, individuals may subscribe to the Technical Subscriber-Individual membership and will have the same access levels as a shop. NOTE: This membership does not include a link on the ATRA Shop Finder.
Do you have ATRA logos that I can use on my website or in advertisements?
Yes! ATRA has official member logos for several different memberships available in printable format as well as online format. Once you are a currently active member you will have access to the Members Only section of the website where you can download the ATRA member logos.
How do I join ATRA Membership?
You can join ATRA By completing the required information online or by downloading an application and submitting it to ATRA with payment. Please refer to the registration page for more information.

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