Articles or Incorporation and Association By-Laws

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A well-organized Association should have basic articles and bylaws which define its purpose, the responsibilities and terms of its officers, dues where applicable and structure. The Articles of Incorporation spell out the "purpose" of the Association, essentially stating why it exists. While the structure of the Association is defined by the articles of incorporation, the operating procedures are defined by the bylaws. By-Laws should be reviewed regularly and changes made to reflect the current operation, allowing changes as the Association grows and/or defines more efficient procedures. By-Laws require the approval of the Board of Directors.

Elements of the Articles of Incorporation

  • Definition of purpose and organization responsibilities
  • Definition of membership
  • Provision for the nomination, election and/or appointment of officers and committees, as well as a designation of their terms of office and tenure
  • Provision for an annual membership meeting
  • Amendment procedures
  • Provision for the dissolution of the organization

By-Laws Content

  • Meeting formats, schedules
  • Nomination and elections of officers, as well as duties of officers
  • Appointment of committee chairs
  • Dues structure where applicable
  • Quorum requirement
  • Standing committees
  • Amendment procedures

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