Golden Rule Warranty

The Golden Rule Warranty is a nationwide inter-shop warranty program for ATRA Rebuilder Members to offer warranties to the motoring public. By selecting to be an ATRA Rebuilder Member shop, you may issue warranties to your customers to give them peace of mind for the work done knowing it will be covered across the nation with the assistance of other ATRA Rebuilder Members.

To locate an ATRA Member shop that participates in our warranty program, use our Shop Finder feature.

The following warranty information is available for ATRA Rebuilder Members. Also listed below are local limited warranty and extended term warranty options to enhance your shop warranty options.

As of January 1, 2020, ATRA Rebuilder members may issue a Golden Rule warranty on remanufactured transmissions purchased by a qualified ATRA remanufacturer. The following is a list of qualified remanufactures. When using one of these remanufacturers please enter their REM-Code on the warranty form.

REM-Code Qualified Remanufacturer Website
AT-4257 All Trans Remanufacturing Transmissions
CT-1034 Certified Transmission
ET-1310 ETE Reman
HA-2274 H&A Transmissions, Inc.
TI-1018 Transtar Industries Inc. #101
WT-2340 Whatever It Takes


For questions or additional information call ATRA Membership services at (805) 604-2000 for assistance with the Golden Rule Warranty Program.


  • Golden Rule Procedures

    These step-by-step procedures will help you to gain an understanding of how the program works.

  • Diagnostic Procedures

    ATRA has created these diagnostic procedures for you to use prior to beginning any repairs on a warranty vehicle.

  • Estimator Worksheet

    This is the official form for use between shops during the repair process. NOTE: This is the most important form to use for the Golden Rule process. By having an authorized signature on each step of the process ATRA guarantees payment for repairs performed.

  • Minimum Rebuild Standards

    All members are required to follow these minimum standards when repairing vehicles for their customers.

  • Announcements

    Stay on top of the latest updates and enhancements to the Golden Rule Warranty Procedure

  • View Warranty Forms

    View Electronic PDF forms.

  • Assign Warranty Number

    Assign a number to your customer's warranty before you give them a copy of the warranty certificate to ensure they are covered if they have misplaced the original certificate.

  • Golden Rule Committee

    Comprised of four ATRA Rebuilder Members and responsible for reviewing any Golden Rule disputes, complaints or claims.

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