Golden Rule Warranty

Recently, the ATRA International Board of Directors voted on raising the Golden Rule Warranty prices from $60.00 to $90.00 for cars and light trucks and from $70.00 to $100.00 for Class A & C Motorhomes or 80% of your retail rate in US Funds. All ATRA Golden Rule Warranty Pricing is determined by the ATRA Board of Directors and is restated in the Association By-Laws.

There is a new estimator sheet to assist you with the latest prices and rules. The Original Warrantor Shop must authorize the Estimator Worksheet within 24 hours, and payment must be made by credit card, bank draft, or check within five business days. ***The Repairing shop will be responsible for the transmission for 90 days following the completion of the repair. ***

All parts (including Fluid) should be priced to the fellow member at the repairer's actual cost multiplied by 1.25. Sales tax should be charged in accordance with the rates and regulations in the state in which the repair is being performed.

For any warranty repairs that involve towing, storage, rental cars, or other miscellaneous charges not associated with the repair itself, the fellow member must obtain prior approval before the work is done. It is also the responsibility of the member shop submitting the claim to provide proof of payment when requesting reimbursement.

ATRA strongly recommends that all members who sell warranty work obtain a signed copy of the customer's authorization for any and all repairs performed. This will help protect the member from liability or disputes over charges.

It is important to note that no ATRA Golden Rule Warranty Price includes labor time allowances for sublet services such as machine shop or welding, so those services should be calculated separately.

The Board of Directors also mandates that Golden Rule Warranty prices can only be offered by those rebuilder shops that are a part of ATRA and follow the ATRA Code of Ethics.

REM-Code Qualified Remanufacturer Website
CT-1034 Certified Transmission
ET-1310 ETE Reman
HA-2274 H&A Transmissions, Inc.
TI-1018 Transtar Industries Inc. #101
WT-2340 Whatever It Takes
PS-8999 Powertrain Solutions


For questions or additional information call ATRA Membership services at (805) 604-2000 for assistance with the Golden Rule Warranty Program.


  • Golden Rule Procedures

    These step-by-step procedures will help you to gain an understanding of how the program works.

  • Estimator Worksheet

    This is the official form for use between shops during the repair process. NOTE: This is the most important form to use for the Golden Rule process. By having an authorized signature on each step of the process ATRA guarantees payment for repairs performed.

  • Minimum Rebuild Standards

    All members are required to follow these minimum standards when repairing vehicles for their customers.

  • Local Limited Warranty

    Similar to the 100K Mile Warranty and also offers a warranty form for use by ATRA Members if they would like to issue a warranty to their customers that doesn't fall within the guildelines of the Golden Rule Warranty Program.

    NOTE: This is not part of the Golden Rule Warranty program. It is a local limited warranty for your shop only.

  • View Warranty Forms

    View Electronic PDF forms.

  • Issue a Golden Rule warranty

    Assign a number to your customer's warranty before you give them a copy of the warranty certificate to ensure they are covered if they have misplaced the original certificate.

  • Golden Rule Warranty Transfer Form

    If your shop is going to be closing business, be sure to have aplan in place for your customers that still have warranties with remaining terms.

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